Home Remedies For Candida
Candida is a vaginal inflammation causes by a fungal infection. This condition is characterized by a smelly vaginal discharge, itchiness and vaginal irritation due to tissues being eaten away by the fungus. The main reason for the smelly discharge and itchiness is that the Candida fungus tends to alter normal PH levels in the vagina. This condition can however be treated, as well as prevented through proper hygiene methods.

Discussed below are 6 effective home remedies for Candida.

1. Acidophilus yogurt: Pure non-sweetened yogurt is a great home remedy for Candida. The yogurt helps prevent farther spread of the candida fungus by introducing protective bacteria in the inner lining of the infected area. Acidophilus helps restore normal PH levels in the vagina as well.

Probiotic yogurt is also recommended for patients who suffer from yeast infection severally. Lactose intolerant persons should however be careful when taking dairy products.

2. Unflavored cranberry juice: Pure cranberry juice has long been used for yeast infection among other infections that affect the urinary tract. The juice contains detoxing compounds that help prevent and even treat yeast infections completely. One should however not attempt using flavored or sweetened cranberry juice, as it will only make the condition worse.

3. Garlic: Garlic is one of the most effective home remedies for candida. This is because it contains antifungal properties that help fight, as well as prevent infections along the urinary tract. To get the full benefits of garlic, add it in your food spicing, eat it plain, or even place a clean garlic clove inside your vagina at night. The candida fungus will be long gone in the morning.

4. Tree tea oil extracts: tree tea leaves contain detox properties that can help prevent candida from spreading, as well as contain an infection. Unlike other remedies that are taken orally, tree tea oil can only be extracted when placed in warm water. This means one has to place the tree tealeaves in bathing water, and use it as vaginal rinse.

5. Avoid alcohol and refrain from smoking: Alcohol is one of the greatest offenders of candida. It is therefore advisable to refrain from alcohol and cigarette smoking, as these will only make the infection worse. Cigarette smoking is also known to impair the body’s immune functions, and should be avoided at all costs.

6. Oregano herbal extracts: Oregano herbal extracts are rich in caracole, a compound that kills candida fungus. The herb also contains great proportions of anti-fungal properties that help kill other fungus that cause undesirable PH levels. Applying the oregano oil herbal extracts directly on the infected part gives a much faster relieve from itching, and gets rid of the foul smell with time.

If you are suffering from yeast infections, have tried medications to no avail, then consider trying out the home remedies for candida discussed above. These should help you contain the fungus and boost your body’s immunity against the same.

In addition to this, you can talk to a gynecologist for advice on how to prevent the condition especially if it persists. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as described in the candida crusher book and avoiding scented soaps can also help prevent this condition.

We hope that these home remedies for candida will help you, give them a try and you will probably be surprised with the results 🙂