Natural Remedies For Yeast InfectionsYeast infections are surprisingly common among women and are characterized by itching, pain, burning and a white/yellow discharge that comes out from the vagina. This problem is caused by the overgrowth of yeast which can happen when you’ve gone through hormonal changes, have a stressful lifestyle, have a weakened immune system etc. Whatever the reason may be, this article will look at a few natural remedies for yeast infections.

One of the best ways to manage and get rid of a yeast infection is to ensure that the vaginal area is dry and can breathe by wearing loose clothing. Yeast, like most other microorganisms thrive in damp conditions where there is little oxygen. Therefore, if you want to get rid of an infection, it is best to not support its growth. This can be done by wearing loose and breathable pants and underwear that are cotton instead of nylons or other skin fitting materials.

Another easy remedy for yeast infections includes maintaining good hygiene. These infections are easily spread from one sexual partner to the next, but can also be spread in shared baths or by sharing towels. Therefore, make sure to not share these and maintain a high standard of hygiene to help relieve the symptoms of the infection. In fact, by regularly washing the vaginal area, this will help to wash away the secretions and help to clear up the infection.

Other natural remedies for yeast infections that are quite effective include a few food items. One such food that is quite helpful in getting rid of the infection is yogurt. Yogurt can be eaten and also applied to the affected vaginal or anal region.

Garlic is another useful food item that can help treat and even prevent this type of infection. It is recommended to eat at least two garlic cloves per day which can be used in food or added to a salad. Garlic is effective because it contains many anti-fungal properties which help to fight off the infection.

Cranberry juice is also another effective food that helps by acidifying the vaginal secretions and thus helping to fight off the infection. Cranberry juice should be taken at least twice per day to help improve your condition.

Another great and natural remedy that can bring great relief is tea tree oil. Tee tree oil should be applied to the affected areas and many women actually insert a tampon that has been covered in the oil into the vagina. This method is quite risky since the vagina is very sensitive. If any discomfort occurs, immediately remove the tampon. A safer method would be to apply the tea tree oil with a cotton swab.

In closing, there are many natural remedies for yeast infections, it just takes a little research and experimentation. There are many other great foods and herbs that can help to clear up the infection and once it is gone, make sure to take precautions to prevent getting another one.

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We hope that these natural remedies for yeast infections will be helpful for you… All the best!