If you heard about the Yeastrol yeast infection relief spray and you wonder if this natural remedy is the right solution for your yeast infection then this page is for you.

In this Yeastrol review you will find out what the Yeastrol yeast infection relief spray is all about, what are the good and bad things of this natural remedy and much more important, our review will help you to understand if Yeastrol is the right treatment for your specific condition or not.

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OK, before we talk about the pros & cons of Yeastrol let’s firstly understand what Yeastrol is and what it contains.


What Is Yeastrol?


Short description

Manufactured and sold by Yeastrol, a company that was founded in 2002 and is a member of the Natural Products Association, the Yeastrol spray is the most popular yeast infection homeopathic solution that promises to ease multiple symptoms of yeast infection for both men and women completely safely.

The Yeastrol remedy is based on 12 active ingredients that fight against the symptoms of yeast infection from the inside out, however from these 12 ingredients there are four that are more important than the others and here is a short description about them:

The most important ingredients of Yeastrol

The most important ingredient inside the Yeastrol spray is “Baptista Tinctoria” which is a very powerful plant that helps in relieving the burning sensation related to yeast infection better than any other natural ingredient.

The second most important ingredient inside Yeastrol is the “Nitricum acidum” that is very effective not only with external symptoms such as itching, but is also very helpful for dealing with insomnia and night sweating.

In addition to the above two ingredients there are two more ingredients which work together in order to deal with bodily discharge and they are the “Candida Albicans and Borax 30c”.

Bodily discharge is something that can be easily caused by yeast infection and it is one of the worst physical manifestations of this condition. These two ingredients will help you to limit it and even to completely eliminate it.

yeastrol reviews

The Pros And Cons Of Yeastrol


The Pros

  • Yeastrol Can be used by anybody above the age of 12 and is completely safe for use even for elderly and high risk patients.
  • Yeastrol is very easy to use, all you need to do is to spray Yeastrol under your tongue and that’s it.
  • Unlike most of the OTC yeast infection treatments that usually have side effects such as redness, excessive itching and nausea, Yeastrol doesn’t have any side effects thanks to its all natural ingredients.
  • Yeastrol was not tested on animals, something that we really appreciate.
  • Unlike other OTC treatments that only try to mask the symptoms of yeast infection, Yeastrol is designed to tackle the root cause of the problem.
  • The Yeastrol company offers 24/7 customer support service via email with very fast response time.
  • Yeastrol is a risk free yeast infection treatment that comes with complete money back guarantee for 90 days.

The Cons

  • You can purchase Yeastrol only online.
  • Yeastrol is an all natural solution so it can take more time to get the desired results from it.
  • Although no special diet is required in order to use Yeastrol, we personally believe that if you suffer from Candida yeast infection and you really want to get rid of it for good, at least few diet modifications will be required (such as those described in the Ultimate Candida Diet program).
  • Some women with very severe cases of Candidaisis reported that Yeastrol gave them only limited results.


yeastrol yeast infection reliefShould You Get The Yeastrol Spray?

Yeastrol is for you if:

  • You are looking for a very safe solution without any side effects.
  • You are looking for a really easy to use yeast infection treatment.
  • You are looking for a remedy that tackles multiple symptoms of yeast infection.
  • You want to have the opportunity to get 24/7 customer support and to get answers for any question that you may have.
  • You are looking for a yeast infection treatment that comes with full money back guarantee.

Yeastrol is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a “quick fix solution” to eliminate your yeast infection.
  • You are on a low budget and want to get the best value for your money.


yeastrol sprayOur Conclusion

We personally believe that Yeastrol is the best homeopathic solution available for yeast infection these days and it can be a great choice for people who are looking for extremely easy to use treatment that doesn’t have any side effects.

With that being said, we also must admit that Yeastrol is not the best yeast infection treatment that we reviewed here when it comes to terms of value for money. If you are on a very tight budget and you think that you can do some lifestyle modifications in order to get rid of your yeast infection permanently, then we believe that programs such as Yeast Infection No More can offer you better solution than Yeastrol.

On the other hand, if you can spend a little more and you don’t have time or power for diet modifications and other lifestyle changes, then we don’t think that you will find better treatment than Yeastrol.

Furthermore, the full money back guarantee for 90 days that comes with Yeastrol makes this homeopathic solution a risk free solution and we don’t believe that there is something to lose.

That’s all, we hope that our Yeastrol review was helpful for you in order to understand if this treatment is really for you or not…

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All the best!

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